Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Do you provide shuttle service?Yes, we provide a complimentary shuttle to and from the terminal.
  2. Do we need to drop our luggage off at the terminal before we park? No, we will bring your luggage with you to and from the terminal.
  3. What do we do when we get off the ship? Once you have departed the ship, you go to our designated pick-up/drop off location. Our terminal representative will be at our station to greet you. We make it easy to find and your driver will go over it clearly with you.
  4. How long is the wait for a shuttle once we return? Our shuttles are there waiting before the ship begins debarkation. You will not experience a long line or a long wait before a shuttle arrives.
  5. How often do your shuttles run? Under usual circumstances, during our busy hours (between 9am – 1pm) our shuttles typically leave within 3-5 minutes. Between 1pm and 2:30pm we slow down and you may experience a longer waiting period. Due to the fact we are charged $20 each time our shuttles enter the terminal, our shuttles wait 30 minutes or until full before leaving. By doing this, we can keep our rates lower for our customers. The average wait for a shuttle to fill is about 15 minutes.
  6. How far are you from the ship(s)? We are less than a mile from the terminal; it’s a 3-5 minute shuttle ride.
  7. Can we walk to the terminal? We are close enough to the terminal to walk however; we do not allow our customers to do so because we are on a state highway without sidewalks. It’s a matter of your safety.
  8. What ships do you service? We service ALL cruise ships leaving out of Galveston Harbor including the Disney cruise line.
  9. Should I tag my bags before I arrive to park? YES! Tag every piece of luggage including your carry-on and be sure to write your cell phone number on it. Luggage can be lost, left behind, or accidentally picked up by another customer before you get the terminal. It’s highly recommended to do this the night before your departure date.
  10. What time do you open? Parking check- in begins at 9 am and our last shuttle leaves at 2:30pm.
  11. Does your facility accept credit cards? Yes, we accept cash or card at our facility. No checks please. We also accept all major credit cards when you make a reservation on our website.
  12. Do you have handicap parking? Yes, we offer handicap parking in which minimal walking is required to our shuttle area.
  13. Can you accommodate wheelchairs? Yes, we have a wheelchair accessible ramp and wheelchair lifts in our shuttles.
  14. Can you park oversize vehicles or RVs? Absolutely. We are a large facility with oversize spaces and plenty of room to maneuver your vehicle. If you have an oversized vehicle or dual wheel truck, we have you covered. If you have an RV, please call us ahead of time to discuss the details.
  15. Do you offer travel agent rates? Yes, please call us!
  16. Do I need to make a reservation? If so, when? We highly recommend you make a reservation to guarantee you have a parking spot the day of your cruise. We suggest you make your reservation as soon as you can.
  17. What if I forget or can’t print my confirmation? No worries, we can look your reservation up with your name.
  18. How do I make a reservation? By visiting or clicking the button below, you’re also welcome to call 855-435-PORT (7678) to make your parking arrangements.
  19. Do I park my car or does your staff? You park your own car but we will show you were to park it.
  20. Is it customary to tip? Tipping is completely up to you. It is customary to tip those who assist with your luggage and your driver.
  21. Do you keep my keys? No, you hold on to your keys. Your car will not be moved from the spot it’s parked in nor will anyone block your vehicle in.
  22. What if I need to cancel my reservation? If you need to cancel your reservation, you must send an email to 48 hours before your departure date. Please note there is a $15 cancellation fee. There is no refund no shows.
  23. Port Parking is not responsible for damaged bags or broke items.
  24. What if I am denied boarding? As soon as you are aware you will not be boarding the ship, please call us. We will make arrangements for you to pick up your vehicle . Unfortunately, most private parking facilities including us do not refund denied boarding. Be sure you have all proper documentation to board the ship.
  25. Can I change the date of my reservation? Absolutely. You can call or email to do so.
  26. What if I lose/forget a piece of luggage at your facility? If your luggage has your phone number on it, we will call you immediately. However, if it does not you will need to call us at 855-435-PORT (7678).
  27. How long is the check-in process to park? Under usual circumstances it’s rather quick. We suggest you arrive 30 minutes before you want to be at the terminal to be on the safe side.
  28. What if I am pulling a trailer/Uhaul? You need to book 2 separate reservations, and call us on the day you are cruising at 8:30 am to let us know you are bringing a trailer/Uhaul.